Saturday, December 20, 2008

Korean Beef Soup?

My korean friend has been teaching me all sorts of soup recipes..I'm not sure what this is called and I had to substitute a few ingredients..there were no leeks at the store so I had to use green onions and she couldn't figure out the american version of some korean sea vegetable so she said you can use mushrooms as well. So that is what I did! It is super simple and tastes AMAZING!! I love this soup! It was the perfect light dinner here it is:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tree!!!

So last night, we FINALLY got our christmas tree..We were hoping Z would be excited to pick one out but instead, turns out he was afraid! What a scaredy cat! He was even scared of the tree while it was in our car..he turned his back to it and everything. But as soon as we put it up and put on the lights, he liked it..even smelled it =) We hardly have any's so hard to find ones we we figure we will just collect them as the years pass until we have enough..=)


Condition: I got this bag a while ago from a reputable ebay seller and it was Authenticated by the experts on The Purse Forum. I am just needing to sell most of my collection to save some money so this bag has to go. It is still in good condition for being vintage. It has normal wear on the corners and chain. The bottom corners show wear and rubbed through on some parts (as pictured), the bottom of the bag has a small white spot and a little clear spot (i posted a pic of it) and it is on the bottom so no one will really see it and they are small. Faint scratches on the body of the bag, The top edges of the bag/opening have wear on the corners and are slightly cracking (as pictured), one side of the outside of the bag is doesn't go all the way through but I just noticed it today. It won't go through the bag (at least I don't think) since the inside is lined, the gold chain has slight tarnishing but not too bad..and the top leather parts for the shoulder on the strap are slightly wrinkling from normal use. It has no smells except a faint vintage bag smell but that is normal. This bag can hold a lot of stuff and it was really great for me but I hardly use it now so it has to go.

Size is approx: 14.25" x 15" x 3.5" with strap drop about 13", lenght of strap is about 31" and can be removed

What is comes with: This bag comes with hologram sticker and Authenticity card.

I require that you have a CONFIRMED paypal address

If you have any questions please email me!

Same bag as seen on Nicole Richie!

bottom corners:


scratch on body:

top corners and edges:

2 snap buttons inside the bag to close:

2 inner pockets that zip, and chanel/made in stamps

a few people have asked me to take a picture of the bag from the side where the crack is to see how visible it may look when worn. I tried to get a good picture but this is the best I could's not very noticeable when worn at least not to me..
here it is, let me know if you guys need more pictures! =)

* item: Vintage Chanel Bag
* size: XLARGE
* color: Black
* condition: used but still GREAT!
* price: SOLD!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I had this wierd need to bake last night and I had saw an awesome recipe on Erin Cook blog site and decided to try it out! It was awesome! Also super easy and fast to make! I even made an extra batch with the other half of the butter since it only required half the stick. I made extras and stuck it in the fridge for baking later on in the week. I didn't even want to eat them, I just felt like making strange huh?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chicken & Sausage Gumbo....BEST YET!

I was watching Diners, Drive ins, & Dives the other my obsession with Food Network is obvious! He went to a diner that made louisiana dishes and they looked so amazing I HAD to try to make something...I found a recipe from Emeril's that was amazing and I tweaked it a little to make it my way and it came out AMAZING! The taste was so good and although it took 2 hours to make, it really was simple and not very hard!

2005 Balenciaga Turquoise Coin Purse

Balenciaga Coin Purse 2005 Turquoise..

Condition: I have to sell this little cutie..this is really hard to do as she is gorgeous and VERY well taken care of. I only used her once since I got her a while back but have to sell everything I don't use..even this one is a collectible but I cannot aford to have it just sitting in my closet. She shows hardly any signs of wear..maybe slight signs on the top edges but can't really tell and a small lighter spot on the back of her but it looks like it is just part of the way it was made..the corners don't show any signs of wear that I can see..I tried to take pics so you can see it. She is absolutely gorgeous and was my HG but I can't keep her if i never use her.

What is comes with: This coin purse comes with dustbag, box, extra tassel and cards

I require that you have a CONFIRMED paypal address

If you have any questions please email me!

* item: 2005 Balenciaga Coin Purse
* size: small
* color: Turquoise
* condition: EXCELLENT
* price: SOLD!