Sunday, January 11, 2009

BBQ Goodness

Last night was a rager..couple of  friends from japan were visiting so we threw a little bbq party at our house again. More people showed up than new years it was crazy! We had Uncle "T" making burgers, steaks and hotdogs, "R" made chili and salad, lots of beer, drinks, shots, rockband, cheesecake, haupia cake, sushi rice from "G"'s mom, and some other random foods..everything was so yummy!! It was a good time and little "Z" was having so much fun because all the uncles were playing rockband with him upstairs after the food was gone..he was up til 2am rocking out! Goodtimes
cheesecake goodness from "M" & "K":

Haupia cake:

Japan "M" eating the strangest hotdog of lettuce with chili..he also ate lettuce and mac salad in a bun!:

mini burger:
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