Saturday, March 21, 2009

Going to The Shack

We are going to some surf movie premier tonight at The Shack in Waikiki and so we found a friend who could watch Z for a few hours so I can go with..I am sitting at home trying to figure out if my fave find of vintage oxfords will go with my's been driving me crazy and I know I wear mismatchy stuff sometimes and I feel like they don't belong together and I say screw it who cares hahhaa..but anyway, it's rare I go anywhere so I want to be comfy but not TOOOOOO comfy that I look like I'm in PJs hahaha..anyway..hopefully it won't be a wierd party and just lots of fun =) This has been a very strange week..anyone else feel like that?

shoes- vintage oxfords, shirt & tights- ASOS, shorts- True Religion
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