Friday, March 27, 2009

Spending the Day at the ER SUCKS!

Yesterday, Z ran down the stairs and fell head first..he got a gash above his eyebrow and we had to take him to the hospital. The worst thing was that the hospitals were all CLOSED! We had to drive out to a farther hospital emergency room and it was so took them almost 2 hours just to check his vitals and then another 3 hours to get the stitches done! It was seriously crazy! Luckily, Z was a good sport and just played the whole time but I cannot believe hospitals actually close on holidays! Z was such a trooper..he only screamed when they were working on his cut...people kept staring at him because he had this huge gash on his face and he was playing and happy like nothing happened..HAHAHA

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playing magician!

on my way to friend's's cold out!

leggings & arm warmers- F21, sweater- ASOS, shirt- Hellz
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