Monday, April 27, 2009

Ichiriki Hot Pot Goodness!

On Saturday, a bunch of friends got together with a dindin at's one of our fave hotpot places and it was soooo fun and EXTRA yummy!!! Z had a blast with all his favorite uncles and running around..I wish I had a picture of the shave ice that we had but we ate it so fast we couldn't take a pic! LOL

On a side of my fave bloggers, "R" of The Clothes Horse, sent me a box and it was soooo made me feel guilty that I had only sent her a few tasty treats when she went out and got me amazing FINDS!!!!!! She also made me one of her amazing doodles that I am obsessed with...R is the best..thank you so much!!!

jeans- Siwy, shirt- BDG, scarf- Missoni (from The Clothes Horse) <3 span="">

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday Ideas

we are REALLYREALLY low-key people who don't even exchange we would most likely just go out to eat dinner as a fam, but is there anything other than dinner that is nice to do????? LOL Ideas are always welcome =)

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I haven't posted in a few because I have been extremely tired lately. I have no idea why...maybe all the lack of sleep the last month has caught up with me..I'm not sure..on sunday, I slept over 12 hours..which was a first for me and I felt absolutely refreshed when I woke up..but then monday came, back to the waking up at 3am routine and then it's just been downhill sorry for the lack of food posts!!!

This was my outfit on saturday...we just went to the mall with Z and played with the in trouble from the security telling us not to feed them the fish wasn't even ours!!! Some guy with his kid across the way gave it to us and we got in trouble hahaha

jumper- F21, vest- Sass & Bide, headband- ASOS

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love Spaghetti

Meat Sauce Spaghetti..I used my flat leaf parsley that I was growing for the garlic bread!!!! and just because I love pasta so much, I'm making another spaghetti dinner that I use for regular Hambaguu bentos..but cutting it up and putting it in spaghetti sauce..I really do love pasta a can tell by my tubbiness LOL

The wierd weather is still hanging around and is making me feel funky..I feel lazy and just want to sleep all day long...I dread the 3am alarm when I have to go to work but I really do love my job..isn't that funny? I sometimes wonder if I love it because it's just something I can do for myself away from home..which I haven't done in years so it makes me happy hahaha

shorts- F21, shirt- Hellz, shoes- UO

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gloomy Day With Acid Wash

Today was really ugly..and the rain was on and off all day. I could see it come and go while I was at work..but at least the rain stopped enough for Z to go to the park when I got home. I was so tired and really wanted to just sleep after I took a shower, but I felt bad the he hasn't been able to play much because I've been too I sucked it up and took him to the park..he had a lot of fun on his play date with L, Y, &'s amazing to see him growing and now wanting to play with other kids..before he didn't seem to care as much..

jeans and shirt- F21, belt- UO

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Black & White & Friday Fireworks

This past friday, we took Z to see the fireworks in Waikiki as promised...he is really into fireworks lately..he's so funny. We went to see it and it was sooo pretty...and he cried when it was over. But it was short lived as soon as we sat down at the pool area to get drinks at the bar, he got excited because there was live music and a lot of space to run like a madman.

I've been feeling really boring lately..I think it's because I am always so tired from work that one my days off I just want to do nothing and not get dressed!! Today was one of those days...since all we had to do was go on a grocery run, I felt like having no color in my outfit..I usually have plain white shirts and jeans, but I like to have bright colors at least on my shirt..but today, I chose just black and white...

jeans- Jbrand, shirt- Hellz, headband- F21

Saturday, April 4, 2009

In Lust

I am drooling over these...$775 and there is just NO way I can have them on my feet!!! A girl can only dream =)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Out With the Stitches

Today, I had to take Z to the doctors to get his stitches out. It was sooooo traumatizing..I cannot believe he had to go through that. The ER doc had made the stitches too tiny so it was really hard to get them out and his cut was bleeding and he kept saying owwwww I felt so bad..but once it was over he was such a trooper..he had to get some sterstrips on his cut because some parts had started to bleed.. I had to get him his fave french fries and vanilla milkshake. I really think that kids should not have to go through those things until they are bigger and can understand what is going on...makes you feel so helpless when you can't do anything while they cry for you...

super casual- shorts- True Religion, tank- F21, headband- ASOS