Monday, April 27, 2009

Ichiriki Hot Pot Goodness!

On Saturday, a bunch of friends got together with a dindin at's one of our fave hotpot places and it was soooo fun and EXTRA yummy!!! Z had a blast with all his favorite uncles and running around..I wish I had a picture of the shave ice that we had but we ate it so fast we couldn't take a pic! LOL

On a side of my fave bloggers, "R" of The Clothes Horse, sent me a box and it was soooo made me feel guilty that I had only sent her a few tasty treats when she went out and got me amazing FINDS!!!!!! She also made me one of her amazing doodles that I am obsessed with...R is the best..thank you so much!!!

jeans- Siwy, shirt- BDG, scarf- Missoni (from The Clothes Horse) <3 span="">
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