Thursday, August 27, 2009

Exploring the Neighborhood

A few days ago Z and went for a walk to Windward Mall since it is right around the corner from our house now. It was really hot but good for us to get outside. He had a blast at the Thinker Toys..much nicer and emptier than Kahala that's for sure. The house is slowly coming many things to take care of and get organized..lots of building of shelves to fit everything we have in the closets and getting lamps and lights and fixing toilets! LOL

We also walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner. There are so many little places to eat here we're so excited to try them all...We went to Kikuya and it was AMAZING! The food was awesome and it made me happy to find someplace really good to eat on the first try. Sorry the pics suck..I forgot to take pics before we started eating I was so hungry! LOL

For dindin last night, I made turkey chili..something I threw together a while back and turned out amazing so I made it again yesterday and was so happy it turned out one yet!!

shorts- Siwy, shirt- Nation LTD, sunnies- Leonard

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lots of Cooking!

So we have been so busy this past week moving to our new home..but now that we've got most of the stuff settled in, I have spent some time cooking and it's nice to actually have a real stove with an oven. Our last 2 homes have had either no kitchen or just a stovetop and no oven. I finally made my spinach lasagna for the first time in a few years..can't remember why I stopped making it. It was the best my opinion HAHAHA..Also made some pork tofu the other night. It was nice and light and perfect for dinner on a hot day where you don't want to feel so overly full. That meal is the perfect combo because I'm not much of a meat eater so I eat most of the tofu and veggies and hubby eats most of the pork LOL

Sorry the pics are not so great..trying to figure out where the best place is to take pics in this house.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tofu Gyozas

The other day I made my tofu gyoza that my mom used to make for me when I was a kid. I haven't made it in over 6 months..I don't know why we haven't eaten it in so long. I think we were eating it every week for a while and got sick of it. I forgot how much I loved it until I made it again. I swear I ate 10 or 15 for dinner LOL.

before cooking:

After cooked:


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Coin Machines

Yesterday, K and K wanted to go to the aquarium so they picked us up and took was fun..all 30 minutes! LOL It's hard to find things for the kids to do for long hours..$6 for 30 minutes..guess that was ok. Z was facinated by the coin machine. The one that you put the penny in and it flattens it out and makes a print on it? Anyway..he kept trying to turn it even when it was done. He didn't even want to penny he just wanted to play with the machine.

I got these sandals from revolve for dirt cheap but I am still debating if I need them..especially because they come up to my ankles and I hate my ankles..I feel like I have cankles! Anyway..I think I will keep. =) Sorry for the hair..Just took a shower about to take Z to the zoo for the day.

shirt- T by Alexander Wang, shorts- Siwy, sandals- MIA

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yay For Food!

So the other morning, I made fried rice for Z because we were stuck at home all day and had to make do with what we had in the fridge. I have been starting to chop carrots really tiny and pre-boiling them so that I can add them to these sorts of foods..that way it adds a lot of extra color and a little more nutrition for Z and he can't even taste it..

Tonight I decided to make kalua cabbage with rice for dinner.  I just like the cabbage part with rice LOL. It's funny how much the veggies shrink..I took a pic of the pot when I put in all the cabbage and then after it was done cooking. Half gone! LOL

Oh! I was so happy that I finally found a pair of capris that actually fits my growing belly..the rise is so low that it is button-able without being sizes too big LOL!! So I wore it today!

top- Joie, jeans- R&R, scarf- mom's