Thursday, August 27, 2009

Exploring the Neighborhood

A few days ago Z and went for a walk to Windward Mall since it is right around the corner from our house now. It was really hot but good for us to get outside. He had a blast at the Thinker Toys..much nicer and emptier than Kahala that's for sure. The house is slowly coming many things to take care of and get organized..lots of building of shelves to fit everything we have in the closets and getting lamps and lights and fixing toilets! LOL

We also walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner. There are so many little places to eat here we're so excited to try them all...We went to Kikuya and it was AMAZING! The food was awesome and it made me happy to find someplace really good to eat on the first try. Sorry the pics suck..I forgot to take pics before we started eating I was so hungry! LOL

For dindin last night, I made turkey chili..something I threw together a while back and turned out amazing so I made it again yesterday and was so happy it turned out one yet!!

shorts- Siwy, shirt- Nation LTD, sunnies- Leonard
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