Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Eats and Gifts

My sister had me run to Shirokiya to grab the castella cake from the Kyushu fair before it was done so I could mail it to her. It is the most expensive castella I've ever seen and I was quite skeptical as whether it would be worth the $30. She offered to buy me one so I did..and OMG..it is the BEST THING EVER!!!!!! I am so sad that I can't afford to buy 10 of them and freeze them!!!

I think this weekend was filled with lots of great food!! WAY too much for my fat tummy..We drove all the way out to wahiawa to grab meat jun and kimbap from Dong Yang. I forgot to take a photo of the meat jun but I did grab the last photo of the kimbap before I ate it all!!

J & B were visiting our side of the island so they invited us over for bubbles outside with C and dinner courtesy of B's mom..she makes the best food!!! She made this amazing pork chop that I know hubs would be in love with so I think I need to get in the kitchen and start trying to remake it!!!

MissLawn and Bamski were visiting as well..and I am so sad we didn't get to see them but hubs had lunch with them and she gave him a gift for me..it is the sickest little present ever!!!!!! I just wish I could wear it EVERYDAY..but I think I would tarnish it hhahaaha Thank you L & B!!!

OH! Thought I'd ad a outfit photo today..because it was SOOOO funny Z loves running in the camera when he hears the timer and today he was in just his undies so this is a hilarious photo..sorry the pics suck, I haven't found a good place and good lighting for the outfit photos..

EDIT: had to crop out Z frmo this pic cause I was informed some creeps were stealing the pics and linking it to some creepy website =(

shirt- Hellz Bellz, shorts- Siwy, shoes - MIA

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yesterday I took Z to Kahala Mall for the first time in at least a month. Everytime I went there I'd get super sick from all the smells of the food in the indoor mall so I had to stop taking him. But now that I am no longer sick, I thought we'd give it a try. He had so much fun running around he didn't want to leave. Of course, whenever he goes we have to eat at CPK so we went for his usual noodles..and got him a vanilla ice cream for dessert. I had dessert only and it was DELICIOUS!! I ordered the tiramisu and ate the WHOLE thing!!

On another note, living on the east side/windward side isn't so bad...it's actually pretty relaxing and even though it's still hot, it's 5-10 degrees cooler here than in town..just need to get used to the drive. But hubby took a photo of the beautiful morning light the other morning...amazing!!