Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Slacking but I DO Have an Excuse..Sort Of

So I am another month between posts and I am just the laziest human ever..I don't know why I can't post new pics more often since I am home most of the time lately. I've just been absolutely miserable and HUMONGOUS that I don't have anymore clothes that fit me!! I swear if I find something to wear I am happy!! I miss wearing my clothes and jeans and just dressing in clothing other than my shorts and tank..I swear I have swollen ankles already as they have disappeared!! I HAVE CANKLES!! And I've just gotten wide..I'm sad..=(

I HAVE been cooking somewhat..I made corn chowder and this pork loin for hubby but I forgot to take a pic.

We had a night where we went to a friend's bar where they make awesome pizzas...V-Lounge near Ala was yummy....

I have so many things I am eyeing out that I wish I could buy but I cannot buy anything since I don't know what size I need for after the baby and it's not like I have any money to spare on excess!! LOL

We have been going to football games when it's at home because Z is absolutely obsessed with them..we can't even leave early even when I feel terrible because he has to stay until the end..he is hilarious and cheers them on and says, "DEFENSE!"

jeans- F21, shoes- steve madden, tank- C&C California, cardigan- UO
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