Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Couple More Weeks Left

I have been the worst slacker..hubby reminded me today that I haven't posted on my blog in a long time..I just have been so miserable and uncomfortable to take photos of food and I haven't been cooking much which sucks..UGH.Sorry to complain. I can't wait for this kid to come out so I can get back to trying to exercise and fit my clothes again and start posting outfits and cooking more food. I am 37 weeks and I keep hoping he will come out today maybe today maybe today..that's what I say every morning..who wants to listen to a preggo lady whine? LOL

Anyway, since I have no pics, thought I'd share my fat belly and some random things:

Thanksgiving Dinner @ Our House

37 Weeks

skirt- Rock & Republic, tank- C&C California

Z at the beach watching waves...