Friday, November 26, 2010

Having Fun Getting Dressed

Lately I have been dressing a lot more girly..I think it has a lot to do with my bald head It makes me feel very butchy or boyish so I try to put on something that is feminine or just a clip in my hair to make me feel a touch girly..I want my hair to grow out but I like it short too so i'm at a loss at which one I really want. But I totally want to make my hair like the girl in Die's amazing!!! I should have kept shaving only my sides and it might be halfway there by now..too late now since I shaved it butI'm keeping the top and will continue shaving the sides to get that mullet-like look =) she looks awesome with her back hair tied up in a ponytail =)

die antwoord pics from their facebook site

shirt- marc by marc jacobs, shorts- siwy, shoes - minnetonka

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Swing of Things

Can't seem to get into the swing of things at ALLLLLL..not just with this blog but with everything in life..I feel like I'm in a place where I am lost in the haze and can't get out. Even my emotions are all over. My mom came to visit for 2 weeks and just went back home so I've been a little depressed. The mental part of me that always treats change in life like a death in the family as my therapist says...I would rather my mind not let myself feel that way but I swear no matter what I do or meds I take I am still that way....I need to find something to do with myself as well...As tradgic things happen in life around me, I am starting to feel that urgency to get my act together and find a way to make a living outside my family so I can support us all if anything were to happen to my hubs...trying to not think negative but we need to prepare ourselves for the unthinkable in that just in case moment.

I'd love to go back to school but to study what, I have no clue..I just don't know how I can do it with kids, no sitter, and not wanting to take out a loan for the schooling either...GRRRRRR

I love my head shaved but at the same time I miss having hair and feeling more feminine...I ended up getting a wig to see how it looked and I LOVE it..just like how I had my hair just longer..but it's HOT to wear something on my head..

Z has developed into a growing boy who loves football more than ever..and the band..and he even wanted to be a football player for halloween..hahaha

Sasha enjoying the car ride

Yan and Soc cooked us authentic chinese food

shirt- Hellz Bellz

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I think for a while, we were on a major enchilada/burrito phase..or maybe *I* was..HAHAHA I am officially on a diet so they are no longer something I plan to make often..but since I hadn't posted in a while, I had old pictures of stuff I made with leftovers..

I made a crockpot pork with beans..not pork & was more like a pork with beans haha it came out really really almost looked like a chili..but not

After, with the leftovers, I used it to make was YUMMMMMMMM

and for more randomness, here is an old photo of okra that I mom used to make it for us when we were little and I still love it..I could eat it with rice for lunch and dinner..but of course, I can't and it's not like its cheap either!!!! I got a small bag at the farmer's market for $2..which is enough for one person or 2 people sharing if it's just a small side dish.

Not sure if any of you ever make turkey legs but a friend of mine showed me how a long time ago and it's one of the EASIEST and best things to make for dinner..and after it bakes, you use the dripping for the gravy..

My fave cafe to eat at..and have coffee at is FRESH's so awesome and the place is so cute..the food is TDF! Seriously, all I want to do is eat their are two of the sandwiches we've been eating..

Turkey Pesto


And we HAVE to welcome our newly adopted SASHA..we got her from Pawprints Rescue shelter and she's amazing..and awesome! Totally the perfect size and once she gets over her shyness, she will be such a fun outdoor dog to go to the beach and hiking with! Ichi actually likes her which is not always easy because he's like a grumpy old man but he gets along with her and I can see them being really good friends once they get to know each other well..

My hair is growing out..and I am in the turmoil of wanting to shave it again or wishing it was long..hahaha..not sure..I am also back and forth on whether I want to dye it back to brown once the roots get really long again or continue to bleach it while it's still short..I love the color and know it is only going to be cute while it's short..but then I will have a lot more hair that is damaged...what to do what to do!!!!!

scarf - In4mation sunglasses - Leonard

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lazy Beach Days and My Boys

There has been a lot of beach going lately..especially because it's summer and it's really hot.

Z is really into taking pictures and he uses my old camera to take pictures of his friends and his bowling set..he LOVES to play bowling..OMG =) He also likes to copy me and make faces that I make it's hilarious!

I have been making a lot of burritos lately..just simple ones with black beans, cheese, chicken, whole wheat tortilla, and hot's so simple but soooo yummy!!!! I'm NEVER going to lose the last 15 lbs of baby weight and it's killing me =( Sorry, I meant to take a picture after it was done cooking but we ate it too fast! HAHAHA

Hair is growing out to this crazy mid stage that I do not is getting a little longer so i can actually put a scarf on it and make it lay flatter...but I can't wait til it grows another inch so I can actually have it lay flat and look like a boy cut =)

The boys..My little peanut and lovebug..=)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Empanadas and Beaches..

I am really loving the buzzed hair..and Apricot Tea told me it's called the Chelsea Haircut..because I left the bangs..I have dyed it platinum blonde today but I think I want to dye it back to brown.I'm not sure if I actually like it it's soooo drastic and I don't like people looking at me so this is totally opposite of that and I'm not liking that!!! But I feel like I put my scalp through hell today that I should just keep it until it grows out and I can buzz it off or it will have been for nothing..UGH decisions..not good for indecisive people like me!

I made empanadas  the other day and it came out amazing...just need to make the dough thinner and it would be perfect!!! Wished I had gotten a pic of it when I cut it open..sorry I forgot!

Z has been playing with his friends at the beach afterschool and he has so much fun....I sliced my fingers on the immersion blender so thank goodness for my friend Lisa or I wouldn't be able to take him because I can't get my hand wet!!!

Anyway, sorry so short but I am having the hardest time typing with my fingers up in peace sign position..=(

first day

second day

third day

yes, I have toy story band aids on!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Birthday Summer

We've been having hectic weekends lately because Z has all his classmates birthday's to attend..on top of having uncle Keith's bday last night..Z has had a lot of cake which is his favorite..=)

I've been trying to take Z out to get his energy spent but it also makes me extra tired!!!! Z has found he loves the beach more than ever and loves making everyone laugh..I think he's going to be an entertainer when he grows up...

Last night we had the best food ever..I swear, everytime we have BBQs, Todd's food gets better and better...i don't know how much better it can get!!! He made his famous oven fried chicken (sorry I forgot to take a picture of the final product) and his boneless kalbi, which I was stoked about because I can actually EAT it..usually it has bones and I don't like the texture of the chewy fat and stuff so I never eat..I'm not big on meat in the first place so it makes it more yucky to have stuff that is chewy!! But this time it was boneless and it was yummy!!!!!

We got Liliha Bakery chantilly cake for Keith's bday and it is the best ever! I could eat it all by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Bday Keith!

Z trying to blow out Keith's candles!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boys Rule

I always thought I wanted a girl but I am so happy that I have 2 boys who are so awesome. They are so funny in their own way and they look so different yet still look like brothers.

A friend at work got a new puppy, following the tragedy of her last puppy, this one I hope will bring her new memories that will help ease some of the pain from the loss...and he's so adorable..nameless, but adorable!!!! He is just a litle ball of fluff and has that sweet puppy smell..reminds me of R who has this intoxicating baby smell that I can't get enough of =)

My birthday was yesterday and it was a mellow one..I am not much for doing things on my is just another day..but my co-workers bought me a cake ! LOL

I did end up getting rid of all my hair and I don't mourn the loss!! I thought I would hate it and I dont..I actually love it and love the way it feels to be hair if only it would grow an inch, then I don't have to cover it with a scarf anymore and I can dye it blonde!!! I cant wait!!!

Sorry that my posts are so ALL OVER THE PLACE..somehow mu mind can't seem to focus on anything these days and I seem to write/type as my mind is going!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have been toying with the idea of going bald for a month or maybe two months.. I CANNOT remember when I first thought I wanted to but I am so sick of my nasty hair..I know it took me 4 years to get it this long but I cannot stand it and it's always tangled no matter how many times I go in to get it trimmed and I have hair falling all over the place on top of the loss of pregnancy hormones which is making me lose it at an even faster's disgusting..

Anyway, I saw a picture of Agyness Deyn with her hair bald and she bleached the short hairs..she managed to look super cute even bald by wearing girly clothing with her manly head of non-hair..I sooo want to do it but she can totally pull it off because she is so damned gorgeous..gorgeous people can pretty much pull off anything because their face is so beautiful that it doesn't matter..but I so want to do it..what I am worried about is looking like a chemo-patient and having people ask me that question or making my husband embarassed by having such an ugly boy-ish looking wife standing next to him..I don't know if I can handle wearing a hat or scarf on my head for months until it grows to a length in which I can style it a little..

I will keep pondering..but I am closer and closer to that side of the baldness........hmmmm what to do..decisions decisions...

WOULD *YOU* rock the baldness???

Photo by Christopher Peterson/

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I haven't been posting much but I came across this picture of Nikki Taylor and how AMAZING she looks post baby..she doesn't look like she's had 3 children!!! And omg her kids are GORGEOUS! Her teenage boys are beautiful!! LADYKILLERS..

I know I know random post but I just had to post it because I couldn't get over it!

images via PEOPLE

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alot to Lose

I've been walking everyday..well every weekday for a few weeks now..about 2 miles but I still have 25 pounds to lose..that task is very tough and I struggle with any extra weight and self-image to begin with so it sucks...nothing fits right and I can't post or wear any of my clothes yet....until I lose it all again..LOL

Until then, Z is the best big brother and R has been such a cute little monkey..and I found the Tummy Tub is the best invention yet..why is America always so late on everything?? This thing has been popular for babies in Europe for years!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Peanut

This is why I've been so busy!! I promise I'll start posting again soon!!