Saturday, May 15, 2010

First Night Out

Got a  sitter from a friend..she lent us hers LOL so we had her come over and watch the sleeping boys so we could go out for a few was interesting..I think I've become a hermit and I like to stay home and sleep and relax..and play with my fake farm and fishes LOL

But I did go and it was nice to see friends and talk was nice because it wasn't crowded and it was just our friends so it was just good fun and trying to set up Uncle Ryan with some girl =)

Anyway, I have been hiding out becuase I still can't stand looking in the mirror and hate having extra weight on and makes me just not want to go ANYWHERE! Sorry I'm rambling but it's not easy when you can't fit anything! Hence the reason I haven't posted any outfits..I can't fit my clothes!!!!

Overall, it was a good night and too bad I didn't get drunk hahaha but someone has to be the responsible one and drive the hubs home =)

jeans- j brand, tank and flannel - F21, shoes- vintage