Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have been toying with the idea of going bald for a month or maybe two months.. I CANNOT remember when I first thought I wanted to but I am so sick of my nasty hair..I know it took me 4 years to get it this long but I cannot stand it and it's always tangled no matter how many times I go in to get it trimmed and I have hair falling all over the place on top of the loss of pregnancy hormones which is making me lose it at an even faster rate..it's disgusting..

Anyway, I saw a picture of Agyness Deyn with her hair bald and she bleached the short hairs..she managed to look super cute even bald by wearing girly clothing with her manly head of non-hair..I sooo want to do it but she can totally pull it off because she is so damned gorgeous..gorgeous people can pretty much pull off anything because their face is so beautiful that it doesn't matter..but I so want to do it..what I am worried about is looking like a chemo-patient and having people ask me that question or making my husband embarassed by having such an ugly boy-ish looking wife standing next to him..I don't know if I can handle wearing a hat or scarf on my head for months until it grows to a length in which I can style it a little..

I will keep pondering..but I am closer and closer to that side of the baldness........hmmmm what to do..decisions decisions...

WOULD *YOU* rock the baldness???

Photo by Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto.com
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