Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I think for a while, we were on a major enchilada/burrito phase..or maybe *I* was..HAHAHA I am officially on a diet so they are no longer something I plan to make often..but since I hadn't posted in a while, I had old pictures of stuff I made with leftovers..

I made a crockpot pork with beans..not pork & was more like a pork with beans haha it came out really really almost looked like a chili..but not

After, with the leftovers, I used it to make was YUMMMMMMMM

and for more randomness, here is an old photo of okra that I mom used to make it for us when we were little and I still love it..I could eat it with rice for lunch and dinner..but of course, I can't and it's not like its cheap either!!!! I got a small bag at the farmer's market for $2..which is enough for one person or 2 people sharing if it's just a small side dish.

Not sure if any of you ever make turkey legs but a friend of mine showed me how a long time ago and it's one of the EASIEST and best things to make for dinner..and after it bakes, you use the dripping for the gravy..

My fave cafe to eat at..and have coffee at is FRESH's so awesome and the place is so cute..the food is TDF! Seriously, all I want to do is eat their are two of the sandwiches we've been eating..

Turkey Pesto


And we HAVE to welcome our newly adopted SASHA..we got her from Pawprints Rescue shelter and she's amazing..and awesome! Totally the perfect size and once she gets over her shyness, she will be such a fun outdoor dog to go to the beach and hiking with! Ichi actually likes her which is not always easy because he's like a grumpy old man but he gets along with her and I can see them being really good friends once they get to know each other well..

My hair is growing out..and I am in the turmoil of wanting to shave it again or wishing it was long..hahaha..not sure..I am also back and forth on whether I want to dye it back to brown once the roots get really long again or continue to bleach it while it's still short..I love the color and know it is only going to be cute while it's short..but then I will have a lot more hair that is damaged...what to do what to do!!!!!

scarf - In4mation sunglasses - Leonard