Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Stand Mixer Ciabatta Bread

So I wanted to make bread for a while just haven't gotten around to it. I think I miss being at the bakery but I can't go back..not for a long time..the labor work is tough on the body and after the car accident, I don't know if my back will be happy with the heavy labor work at the bakery..

Anyway, I decided to make ciabatta bread so I can make sandwiches..only problem, they came out so yummy we have been ripping off pieces and eating them plain!!!!!! It was easy to make and I used my hands since I didn't have a stand mixer..and it came out yummy and chewy and just AWESOME!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Slow Cooker Ribs

I've been in and out of my cooking phases as of late..I feel lazy yet I feel like cooking. I'm not quite sure that makes any sense..but I just feel like I haven't got a clue what to cook sometimes and that makes it hard because without knowing what I feel like eating or making, what do i make!?!?!
I didn't feel like going to the market so I looking in my fridge and voila! there was frozen baby back ribs ready for the cooking!! I put it in the slow cooker and cooked it on high for 5 hours and throw it on the grill for the last 30 minutes to have that lovely char!! It came out amazing and I don't even eat ribs..I had a bite and knew it was yummm...

Zis becoming a big boy..and he's 70% of the time nice to his little brother hahaha..they were at the office and he was sharing R's cereal with him on the was cute..poor guy fractured his elbow and is in a cast for 3 weeks..I swear he is just as clumsy as I am which scares me because I think we are in for many years of being in the hospital..he's already been in the emergency room 3 times and he's only 4..OMG!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Beautiful Roses

The other week we went to our friend's son's spreading of his was sad but beautiful. Heartbreaking. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to lose a child. I don't know if I could ever recover. But their family never ceases to amaze me. They stand together holding tight and strong and somehow I always feel admiration for them. Always have and this only makes me admire them more.

Things on the homefront have been a lot better...I feel like the clouds are lifting and I can breathe a little easier for some reason. Moneywise, not so much, but family wise, yes, I feel like I can breathe and not feel so claustrophobic. Maybe it's my meds actually taking effect and helping me for once but I see rays of light for the first time in a long time..=)

this was the rose petals that were spread on the ocean at the ash was beautiful..a beautiful morning..very fitting for will be remembered..

photo taken from S.D. of S.D.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Heart is Hurting

Last night I found out a good friend of mines son passed away. I don't know the details only that he is now gone and it hurts my heart hearing that...I cannot fathom how painful it must parent should ever have to live to see a child go before them. What a strange way to start the new is Rocket's birthday and it's bittersweet knowing this sad news

My heart is aching

photo via