Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gardening, Beach, Sweets

Really like to make things..I just wished my family ate them all so I wouldn't eat everything and make it that much harder to lose the last 10 pounds! UGH I really need to do something about it but I can't seem to get motivated enough to lose the fat.

I tried making my own beef broccoli and it came out amazing!!! I am so happy. I think I will make it once a week it was so yum..I also made butter mochi over the weekend and it was so yummy even Z ate it. The kids ate it up so fast there wasn't any left for me!

We have been continuing the beach going. It is relaxing. As much as I dislike the mess of the sand afterwards, it really is nice to be outside and have a good time watching the kids play. I am really jealous of them. Sad to say but everytime I see them I wish I could be them. Life is so simple and fun. All they think of is food, play and more play! How nice it must be. I will be sad when the day comes when they are big enough to think things are boring. Right now, everything is fun to them. A cardboard box is fun. AAAAAHHHHH the joys of being a little kid.

Here is my tiny garden I'm growing on the patio. I wish we had more space. So far, I have 1 basil, 3 avocado trees, 2 strawberries, and the 2 hydrangeas that my sister sent for mother's day. She was sweet, she knew it was my fav flower and it's never available on my bday so she sent it early. Thank you!!!!!!!!! I really hope they flourish.

I think I am having issues with life. I don't know what it is. I know it has a lot to do with trying to make ends meet, having no fam here to help like some other people so I can't really work much because I'd never make much more than paying the sitter, living off one person's income, not having any time to spend with each other so it's like trying to maintain a relationship when we have nothing to share anymore..I mean, hubs and I used to do everything we do nothing together. It's both our faults but it's just almost impossible to be able to have any time to do anything together just us when no one is here to watch the kids even for a little bit. I miss surfing together. I haven't surfed since Z was born..he's almost 5. I think I went twice.  How do parents find the time to keep their relationship close when they have no one to watch the kids? I want to know the secret..because I would love to make things the way the were..or at least a little bit more like they were =)