Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY Time

Been trying to revive old clothes that were headed to the donations bag but now I think I might keep them. I had a pair of 2 sizes too big JBrand cut off shorts that were always too big and I thought I would like that larger oversized shorts look but I really didn't. It was sitting in my closet with no use. I decided to try cutting it up a little higher to make it more girly and voila! I just took me 30 minutes to shred it and hopefully after a washing it will shred more.

shirt - Nation LTD, shorts - JBrand cut offs

gonna shred these a little more since I want a huge long shredding instead of short ones but I like where it's going!


I also practiced dying my old tanks that I was using for the pool to cover up because I never wear just a bikini no matter what size I am I always wear a shirt or tank over. I was going to throw them away or donate but thought I'd practice dying it and YAY! It came out awesome. Can't wait til the bleaching sets in more and after it's set, I will wash and dry and post AFTER pics


My little garden on the patio seems to be doing much better. The 3 avocado trees that I almost tossed out because of mealy bugs are now healthy as can be and so is the basil..and our tomato plant is growing its first tomatoes! So excited!!!!!!

And just for fun, I made oatmeal cookies for Z but ran out of chocolate chips so I used our extra christmas M&Ms and put them in. They came out yummy but Z somehow DOES NOT LIKE oatmeal cookies! How can you not like them!??!?!?! So I thought I'd make them into ice cream sammies since he loves vanilla ice cream but he did not even want to go near them!! What kind of kid do I have!??! I ended up giving almost all of them away to our neighbors because I didn't want to eat them all by myself! They were so yummy........what's the use of me liking to bake and cook when no one in my house ever eats?!!!!!!! LOL

my little lovebug is 2 sad it's too fast!

shirt - In4mation HI shirt, shoes - converse, shorts - babygap

And JUST because, this is what I woke up to this was gorgeous..too bad the amazing colors in the morning means it's humid, ugly, hot weather for the day!