Sunday, November 25, 2012

Physical or Mental

What is worse, physically sick or mentally sick. I think both but the worst is if you are sick at all and look fine. No one ever believes you don't feel good and you can't prove it when you look completely healthy on the outside. Harder when people around you are extreme and would only realize the extent when someone is dying on a hospital bed or bleeding to death or actually dead. It would be an "OH SHIT, I FEEL SO BAD I NEVER KNEW IT WAS SO BAD" moment...laughable hahahahaha Crazy how as much as we all don't think about how others interpret ourselves for the way we are or act, we have to consciously catch ourselves in whatever it is and make every effort to become a better human..It's like blaming your family for being heavy drinkers. It doesn't mean you have to be a heavy drinker as well..we can make an effort to not because you see the consequences of those actions.. In my efforts to clear my head from the haze, I have been doing as many active things as I can and for some reason it hasn't changed my mental state but I do get an hour or two most days of the week to sweat hard and see the sun rising or quiet my brain...somehow I hope that I can clear my head and stomach for a longer length of time and find that place I can relax....would be nice! =)

sunrise sky

love these shoes from topshop london

they are what keeps me moving

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