Sunday, August 11, 2013

Outdoor Rain Workouts

Running in the rain is one of my favorites. I don't know why maybe because its chilly and gloomy and makes me less hot. All that goes on is trying to push through it and getting somewhere. Rain for the day on the other hand, not so fun because there isn't much else to do with two little boys who need to get energy out or they will drive me nuts a d eat everything in the house. 

My friend and I planned a 6a hike to some secret place she went on a week before but this crazy weather appeared the night before and wouldn't let up. Hiking in the rain in my opinion is little too dangerous because of all the mud and not being able to see ahead. The problem is once he alarm goes off, I can never go back to sleep or it will take a few hours to fall back asleep and then the kids will wake up and it'd be too late. So we decided to just go to the easy hike that had a paved path so we could at least go outside and make use of us being up already. It was probably one of the most fun times ever. Cold and windy. Good conversation and the only time I feel like I can escape the ugliness I have to deal with on a daily basis. This lack of respect and common courtesy has really taken its toll on me. If only I had more time in the days everyday to do something that would help clear my head.

How can you teach an old person to be respectful and caring?  It's already hard to teach your little kids that.. stubborn, old and egotistic = impossible to help.  The most frustrating part is the lack of respect for other people and things that aren't his and the irresponsibility.  That gets me everytime.  How do you grow up not treating things with care and making sure you return things you borrow in the same condition if not better, than when you got it?  Or putting other people first once in a while ahead of your own wants and needs?  And the mentality is childish where he bad mouths friends who has relationships where they respect their partners and check in and do stuff saying things like "oh, he's stuck in this" or "she makes him do all kinds of stuff that's why he calls all the time" etc etc, but he's seriously lacking the understanding is that's what people do when they respect someone.  My own parents taught me that growing up.  Just make sure they knew where I was and with who or if I were late, to make sure they know so they don't worry.  My husband has no clue.  I don't make him do any of it because he wouldn't like it.  Yet, he doesn't seem to get how lucky that is.  That I never question him or say "When are you coming home?" "where are you" "Who are you with" etc etc..he takes advantage of his freedom and yet doesn't ever appreciate it.  Yet he never stops to think, I should let her know I'm either late or early today so she can plan the rest of her night.  I can never know if I can run or not because he never cares to let me know that he's late or coming early.  Sitting there feeding kids dinner every night wondering if I should just relax and make a drink, or throw on the running clothes and get ready to go when he gets home.  Never caring about what someone else may be thinking nice it must be to live this carefree life and not have to answer to anyone.  That's the life of a single person.  Not a person who has a wife and kids.  But then again, my own fault for letting him do this to us.

Keep in mind, my hubby isn't so awful and a lot could be worse =)
He doesn't hit me and has always supported me in my interests..granted, he doesn't help me unless I say I NEED AN HOUR FOR THIS THING I HAVE TO DO and I plan and schedule it way in advance to make sure its ok with HIS schedule, he never says YOU CAN"T RUN OR HIKE and he never complains to me about my changing interests in buying and selling stuff to make money.  So in all that, at least I am free to do things like that as long as it's not affecting his life/schedule/wants, I can do them....I can't come and go as I please with that freedom and no one to yell or question what I am doing like he has....but at least I don't have him be this way and then also tell me I can't buy this or that or do certain things....=)  Have to take the tiny positives that I can, right?

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