Thursday, July 24, 2014

Keep on Rollin...

Words cannot express the amazing things that have been rolling out in the last month.  It's almost scary to think that it will all stop rolling and come to a screeching halt one day and go backwards to be the three bad things that happen at the same time.  I need to stop thinking about the negative that may never come. 

Between the rain, loving the mountain, feeling alive, spending time being a HUMAN again, finding new and old friends and sharing the most awesome times and memories, finally going from Part-time to Full-time at work, being addicted to working out (MORE SO!), and now I have the honor of being asked to be an ambassador of the week for one of my FAVORITE blogs/run communities since I started running a few years ago.  When they messaged me, I was in shock.  I never care much about being asked about things nor do I like the attention but for me, fitness and health has been such a huge part of my life and having been inspired so much by the girls at Run Like A Girl and having them ask me to be a part of it was HUGE.  It was probably one of the best things to come about since I started on my road to getting healthy.  Never in my life would I imagine having such the honor.  And for that I am has just continued on a path that I would never imagine happening a year ago..two years ago...sooooo they have posted it on their instagram and you should all get out there and follow them.  They have been such an inspiration in my life and I hope that everyone can find some sort of inspiration from them.

We have been doing a ton of group sweat sessions during the week and it's been sooooo great just to constantly have workouts to do that aren't always by myself.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can't believe we get paid to go's true, surround yourself with things you love because it will constantly inspire you. 

Pain and Pleasure
Costco lunch dates with little man
LA sunsets 
Vegas sunsets on the way to silks class

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life Is Being Alive

July has been nothing short of amazing. Its funny how they say good things happen when you start doing things you normally wouldn't do.  Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George had to do opposite of what he would normally do with everything and things started going his way!

Everything started rolling since my chat with my friend about changing the way we think about whatever situation we are in.  Then I got in that plane last month that changed everything. Forever grateful to Aaron for makin me come out to LA and end up loving it there. I've always hated LA but being away from home in a desert made me appreciate the mountains and air of LA. It helps to have fam there to make me feel at home. 

Since then, I've had so many great experiences and happy times. I missed the rain so mch and since it was monsoon season, I found it in red rock and I never felt happier. It had been the first time hiking alone since I left Hawaii and it was I nice to get back in touch with nature. I went again the next day and just have me this feeling of peace that it made me feel like ME again!!!  I have found myself in the last month.  Finally able to take time for myself. Even to just say YES to group sweat session with my team.  Where in the months prior, I would always not go to most of them because I felt guilt about taking time out for myself and letting the mental battles win. Baby steps. Every little step has brought out so much happiness and smiles that I can't believe I let the last decade go by bejng suppressed existing but not living. Letting everyone else push me in a corner. 

That lead me to take a spontaneous drive out one day after work. I told Aaron I felt like dancing and he said come out here well all go dancing. Next day, I decided to drive out after work for a day and enjoy it. That is totally not something I would have done but it was nice knowing I had the next two days off of work and my mom said she was cool with it.  I got to see some old friends and see an amazing show. Literally drove back at sunrise to head straight to work which was something I had not even imagined doing in my adult life. It's been a long time since I've done something so spontaneous and I feel like I am Totally alive.  Never has everything been so amazing. And I hope I can feel this in sync with life for a long time. 

The kids have been growing up so well. My parents have been doing amazing at teaching them values and respect. Its crazy how far they have come. Now that I work full time they spend so much more time with my parents that I can see how much they've been developing these awesome habits. Nothing short of amazing. 

Sorry this post is all over the place but I just can't sit still long enough to just type. Hahahah

Reposting this because I truly believe this and its always something I read to remind myself of. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Meant to be

Everything happens for a reason. To lead us to somethjng greater down the path. I've always been a firm believer in it. Even when everything was miserable, I knew it would eventually show me an opening. 

Its funny how one change, one choice, one adventure that I would not have done normally, has led the way to so many other things that have made life positive and happy. If I had given in to my guilty feeling of doing something for myself, and not gone to LA for my bday, I wouldn't have had all these amazing moments that have kept me smiling and laughing everyday since.  It's been so long since I've laughed so hard and smiled so often. So many barriers that I had put up around myself for years have been slowly crashing down and the me I knew years ago is coming through. 

Today, the weather was dark and seemed like it would rain so I decided that after my physical therapy, if it was still cloudy outside I would drive to the mountain and see if I could get wet. I got to the therapy and it was clearing up and I started to be sad. When I went in, they had me wait and told me they couldn't get the re authorization yet so I couldn't be seen. I laughed and said ok that's totally fine I'll come next week. And jumped in my car and headed straight for the mountain. As I got closer it got dark and gloomy and I felt at home. I drove until I got to the easy trail so I wouldn't hurt my feet more and just went. It was so nice to go without anyone. Just me and my music and thoughts. I hadn't gone hiking alone since I moved away and it was really relaxing not having the kids and being able to explore on my own. I saw the wild burro which I never saw all the times I went there and the rain started. I got wet and just wanted to smile. It was the most amazing feeling to be at peace and in nature. Breathing in the dampness and humidity and all my memories of friends at home flooded back to me. I want to cry and burst out smiling at the same time. I have found my stoke in the mountain that I lost. I need to be outside where I can be at peace. 

When I left, the storm had passed and I was so glad I caught it before it disappeared.  Realizing that it was meant to be. Meant to miss my appointment so that I could be here in time for the thunder lightening and rain.

Marc and angel's blog always posts at the perfect timing. I said it before everytime I have things happening it shows up on my feed or email I had to screen shot it below hahah 

So grateful for all the happiness that has come in the last few weeks. Cosmic energy. Nature.