Thursday, July 6, 2017

June Bithdays, Family and Gardening

Mathew and I have birthdays that are 6 days apart...and the funny part is that we both don't celebrate or make it a big deal.  We aren't present giving people and we don't like to take time to do special things for ourselves and have people know that it's our birthdays.  We are a strange pair aren't we?

The boys spent time in the bathroom setting up such a cute little happy birthday to me when I got home from work.  Sad part was, I was so busy working on more work when I got home that I hadn't even gone to the bathroom for at least 2 hours after I got home and didn't even see it until I got up to pee before we had to go to tend the garden!  It was such a sweet gesture.  I am very uncomfortable with people paying attention to me so birthdays are strange for me.  I am almost unhappy more than happy on that day!


For Mathew's birthday, he had to work and take Rocket to his first class after winning the Intro2skate contest and he ended up spending all day driving and class and driving some more.  I had planned to cook him a nice dinner and cake and it was so nice to have his mom and step mom here for our birthdays.

We were so busy the entire time they were here working and it feels like we never get enough time to just relax and hang out.  They helped us get our garden set up and we have so much to learn about gardening!!!  They all just left and the house seems so empty without them.


Cannot wait til we get our life a little less hectic and have time to look back at all of this and laugh! =)

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ziggy and Rocket Jo Psyched at San Pedro Shred Fest

We took a break from work to take the boys to check out the San Pedro Shred Fest.  It was our first time and it was such an amazing event.  So stoked the boys started skating because it has exposed them to such a great community and culture.  They are so obsessed with skating..especially Rocket.  And the drive to try even harder is growing as they get to know more of the amazing people who are around them.

We got there early and they got to skate the street course and downhill course before it got super crowded.  They also had the most AMAZING free swag.  They got a new set of pads and helmet and won a new Duster cruiser cork skateboard.  They are so excited to skate it at the beach one night.

ziggy and rocket jo - zirocksays - street course san pedro shred fest

ziggy jo - zirocksays - duster skateboard san pedro shred fest

They did get themselves a SPSA shirt to support the community.  It was nice to see how much everyone is so passionate about saving Channel Street Skatepark and we can't wait to have the boys volunteer when it becomes available.  Andy from the SPSA was very nice and said it looks to be moving forward...crossing fingers!!!

Their most memorable part was skating with their skatepark buddy all day and meeting Daewon Song.  He signed their helmets and skateboards and gave them pointers.  What an humble and awesome skater.  Genuinely passionate and caring about the kids and the future.

ziggy and rocket jo - zirocksays - daewon song san pedro shred fest

Can't wait to go again next year!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ziggy's 11th Birthday

I cannot believe that Ziggy is 11 years old.  He has grown up so much.

Many times, we are still reminded of how much of a little child he is, but in many other aspects, he's grown up to be a big boy.  Such a cute, sweet, ANGRY, silly and different child he is.  He's definitely going to be something amazing when he grows up.

He had everything scheduled on a paper to let use know how he wanted his day to be.  We stayed on track for the most part and he was so sweet to take us all out to dinner with his gift card from last year.  He felt like such a big kid by taking us all out to eat.  He didn't even want to do anything big..all he wanted to do was hang out with his family.

So very proud of him and cannot wait to see what comes in the next years...

ziggy jo birthday dinner Buca Di BEppo zirocksays

Ziggy Jo Birthday present watch

Ziggy Jo Birthday Cake zirocksays

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Order Concert and Bay Area Exploring

It is so funny that we have not had any time to do anything in years that wasn't work related.  It just so happened that Yosemite camping (for spring break) happened to be last weekend and then the weekend after was the New Order concert that I surprised Mathew with for our anniversary last year.

We were so busy but refused to cancel.  It just seemed crazy that over the last few years we haven't had a break and then both weekends turn out to be at the same moments instead of spread out.

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities.  I almost moved there when I was 19.  Found a room in a place in Russian Hill and ended up not going through with it due to family things that went on that year.  So many fond memories and friends who live/lived there.  It was so funny because I was trying to find a hotel for us to stay while at the concert and didn't know what to do because none of the reviews for decent priced hotels seemed to be good.  I asked one of my close old friends for recommendations and she's like uhhh stay with me and we are going to the same concert!  DUH!  I totally forgot in my chaos, that of course she would go..hahaha..I didn't want to burden her by asking to stay with her since we had the boys with us and it's a lot of people to ask to house.  She was so awesome.

Our drive up was really nice and peaceful.  It is such an easy drive compared to the draining misery of the shorter, desert drive to Vegas.  I'd rather drive 6 hours up north anytime!  We stopped at one of the biggest skateparks in the country.  Lake Cunningham in San Jose so the boys could get some skate time in after a long roadtrip.  They had such a blast!

rocket jo skateboard lake cunningham california san jose

rocket and ziggy skating san jose lake cunningham

mathew curran slap sticker san jose skate park rocket

By the time we got to Oyuki's house, we got everyone settled in instantly and we got ready to go.  She was well prepared (as if I didn't know this already) and had everyone on a loose plan to get there and packed with drinks in her bag...I needed to take notes on getting drinks in events! LOL  It was such a relaxing and fun was nice to spend it with friends and Mathew..we hadn't really done something like this in a long time.

mathew curran cassie jo oyuki brian new order concert berkley

joy division new order concert berkley california

The next day, we took the boys up the hill of her house to a skatepark there..such a fun little area..I love where she lives..has so much character.  The boys got along so well and instant friends.  I wished we lived closer.  In the afternoon, Mathew's friend showed us around a little of the city and got us some goodies at the ferry building.  It was a lovely day and I wished we had more time to explore.

rocket jo kaiser san francisco california kids scheming trouble lunch

rocket ziggy kaiser morning cartoons california

ziggy loves cooking in the kitchen

brain making breakfast frittata

On the way home, we stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge since Ziggy had mentioned he wanted to see it.  It was so beautiful..we caught SF on the most sunny, beautiful weekend ever.  If we had more time, I would have loved to hike somewhere or drive up to Redwoods but next that we have done this drive and seen how easy it is, we are definitely going to do this more often!!

golden gate bridge san francisco california tourist exploring

garlic ice cream gilroy california

If I ever found an assistant job or some other job I'd be passionate about up there, I'd move in a heartbeat!!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mum Visits and Yosemite Camping

Before reading, please excuse the rambling that this blog post will consist of...I have too many thoughts going through my mind and I can't quite type them out as fascinating as I'd like them to read.  I apologize for the awful flow of the posts in the last's been hard to sit and concentrate on writing when I have so little time and I am trying to cram every experience in before I have to get up and do work! LOL
Mathew's mom cam to visit for almost 2 weeks before our camping trip and it was so much fun.  She had not been here in almost a year!  The boys have been non-stop skating and she went to the park every sunrise despite it being her vacation just to see the boys skateboarding.  Such an awesome grandma! 

nanny grandma sharon visiting us

ziggy and rocket skating venice beach sunrise
cassie jo mathew curran san pedro california
PC: Sharon
We had some really awesome conversations over my many meltdowns while she was here.  I am very grateful for her presence and her understanding of my mental state when I do have my moments.  It is nice to have someone know what it is like to wake up to the mental noise that exists.  I sure miss those coffee dates with her!

After she left, we had only a few days to get work done and then packed up for Yosemite.  We were so busy but we canceled it last year and we knew we would not do that again.  No matter how much work needs to be done, we were determined to make it happen because we have not taken a family vacation or ANY vacation that was not all work related EVER!  We had to make ourselves turn off work mode and enjoy the moment of NOW.  It was so nice!!

ziggy and rocket checking out art show west hollywood
Ziggy and Rocket at an art show in West Hollywood
We had a long trip up, about 7 hours, but we made a bunch of pit stops at skate parks along the way.  We stopped at Planz Park in Bakersfield and Kaiser Park in Fresno.  The boys had a blast.  By the time we got to Yosemite, it was late and cold.  Rain and snow and freezing temps but we were happy to be there.  After we set up the tent, we started the campfire and made dinner.  It was such a long day, we all crashed soon after.

ziggy skateboarding Planz Park Bakersfield CA
setup camp site yosemite national park

cassie hiking shoes tree trunk yosemite national park

The next morning, we had such an awesome breakfast and the boys skated up and down the hill next to our campsite while we got things ready.  We got packed up and went up mist trail.  We weren't sure what to expect but we made it to the top of Vernal Falls.  It was so beautiful and the waterfall was so powerful.  The steps at the top were icy and dangerous but we made it!  We stayed up at the top for lunch and watched the squirrels play.  We got back to the campsite and started a fire to make dinner.  Played a few card games and passed out!  I don't think we all slept so early so many nights in a row in a long time.

icy steps mist trail vernal fall yosemite

mathew curran ziggy rocket mist trail yosemite

mist trail yosemite national park

ziggy mist trail yosemite national park

vernal fall yosemite national park hiking family

upper pines campground yosemite national park

cassie jo relaxing camp fire yosemite national park

mathew curran ziggy rocket learning whittle sticks yosemite national park

The trip went by way too fast..before we knew it, it was already Easter Sunday and we had our last breakfast and skate session and packed up for our drive back.  We all got car sick on the ride out of Yosemite and it was not a good feeling.  By the time we got passed Oakhurst, it went away.  We stopped at Letterman skatepark before the rain hit in Clovis.  The park was huge and the guy who was running the entrance was super friendly.  We got to let them skate for less than 30 minutes bfore the rain started and we had to head back.

family easter yosemite mathew curran cassie jo ziggy rocket

I am already missing the camping trip.  I fell in love with Yosemite and would have camped for a lot longer if we had a shower in between! HAHAHA

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

West Coast East Cost Work Trip Craze

Could this trip have been any more CRAZY!!!

First off, I don't think I've checked a bag in in almost 2 years.  Since we were traveling with the boys on this work trip, we had quite a bit of things to take with us.  We surprised them saying that were taking them to the airport to meet grandma at the gate and they were going to Aunt Susie's with her.  We got to the shuttle with 1.5 hours to spare and it took forever to arrive.  By the time we got to out terminal to the bag drop, the line was out of control with only an hour before our flight!  Our bags almost didn't get on the plane.  We got stopped at TSA for Rocket having the alan wrench in the skateboard bag and my purse having the giant bag of Cadbury eggs.  Running through the airport at LAX to make it to our gate, we were the last people on the plane!!!!!  We were so relieved we made it and the boys were so surprised when we said, "SURPRISE YOU ARE COMING TO NORTH CAROLINA WITH US!"

Preparing giveaway animals for the trip for Make Your City Wild
MAKEYOURCITYWILD animal giveaways

Rocket's first fat lip skateboarding

Ziggy trying to get over his fear skateboarding

Rocket dancing in the best terminal Detroit airport

Sleepy kids Detroit Airport

We got to Raleigh and had a moment to relax before the spring opening at CAM that evening.  It was such a fun event and the boys looked so cute all dressed up.  Leonardo Drew's exhibit was awesome!!!  He is also the sweetest artist who enjoyed talking with all the kids there.

Leonardo Drew's exhibit at CAM

Rocket and Mathew Curran's mural at CAM

Late night dinner and cocktails after the CAM opening with family

Mathew and I had to wake up at 4am to make it on the flight the next morning to get to Birmingham for ABL.  We were so exhausted and went straight to work.  I wished we had more time to see some of the museum we were set up in.  I didn't get to see the Civil Rights Institute museum either.  It was such a hectic day, I passed out behind the crates all night while the event was on until it was over for break down.

We had half the day in Birmingham to explore.  Mathew's friend gave us a tour of the Revelator Coffee Company roastery.  It was so pretty and we were envious of the warehouse space.  He showed us the abandoned Sloss Furnace factory.  We walked through some creepy path that reminded me of Netflix's Black Mirror or Stranger Things!  I was mentioning how I would probably not go there at night!

Super awesome signage at Sloss Furnaces Birmingham, Alabama
Sloss Furnace signs Alabama

One of the Revelator Coffee beautiful
beautiful revelator coffee shop Alabama

Back to Raleigh and running around making rounds delivering things to Mathew's friends for Make Your City Wild and just hellos.  It was non-stop until we left!  But it was such a great trip and it was so nice to see his family.  We got to spend a little time with his mom and Kathi and then his dad and Rose..we even got to see his brother for a quick minute.  Probably the most I got to see of Raleigh ever!!!!   Can't wait until we can go back one day for no reason but just to visit!  Until then, I am grateful for the little chances we do get.  It does make me feel extremely homesick.  He has been able to see his friends and I haven't seen any of mine since I left Hawaii almost 4 years ago.  I do miss home and my friends.  SOMEDAY!

one day of SNOW!
beautiful snow day in Raleigh North Carolina and golden retriever puppy

Friday, March 17, 2017

New Trails at Palos Verdes

Amidst the hectic schedules we have lately, we have tried to make time to take the kids outdoors.  As much work as we have piled up, we know that it is important to take a mini break and MAKE time for an hour or two or else the boys will be cooped up at home everyday waiting for us to finish everything.

Before our crazy work trip, we took them out to Palos Verdes again to make the most of the rainy green vegetation.  It had grown so much taller and we were so excited.  We tried a different trail and saw a sweet little ground squirrel.  We don't see too many animals when we go and I wonder if it's because there is a lot of foot traffic throughout the day.  Mysteries.

I can't wait to go to new places soon.  When time permits, we definitely want to drive out to new mountains and trails.  North would be awesome.  Until then, we will enjoy the nearby happiness.

california trail exploring selfie

green vegetation overgrown at Palos Verdes California

my boys exploring the trails hiking

exploring new trails hiking california with the family

amazing colors and view at the top of PV