Saturday, January 28, 2017

Adjusting to the Daily Routines

January started off with our daily schedules thrown out the window.  With Mathew being gone for 3 weeks to do the CAM street mural and media room install, we had to make a lot of adjustments to our schedule.

Having family here to stay at our house to watch the boys while I work and fly for the weekends has been so helpful and we are forever grateful.  Kathi being here is always awesome..she helps so much.  Not just with the boys but everything else from studio to work to mental sanity! HAHAHA.

Now that we are home for a month before we leave again, it is playing catch up.  We have been home for less than a week and we are still trying to catch up on work, emails, schedules and house things.  Mat finally put shelves in my studio so I could organize my paint and not have it all over the floor.  You have no idea how happy that makes me!!!!!!!!  Trying to catch up on the Make Your City Wild production so we have things to giveaway and come up with a better business plan =)

production day for make your city wild bunnies

studio organizing spray paint

Trying to get back to our weekly meetings for work to organize the week has also been difficult.  Trying to get the boys back on track and spend QT time and fit in our work meetings has been difficult.  It will come in the next week or so..but we did manage to find a moment to take a break and ride our bikes on the pier with the boys, explore that seafood spot we kept driving by and try the yummy food, and fit in a meeting at a new coffee spot I have been wanting to try.   Captain Kidd's Fish Market is pretty awesome.  The people there are friendly and their lobster bisque was AMAZING!  Could pass on the fish and chips and can't wait to try their fresh fish next time.

Captain Kidd's Fish Market Redondo Beach Pier

Family bike rides exploring with Buddy BIson National Park Trust

The Boy and the Bear in Redondo was super cute.  I like that there is a new coffee house nearby.  We always talk about the lack of good coffee houses on this side short of Two Guns Espresso out in Manhattan Beach.  That was always the only one not very close to home.  Finding this little gem halfway between Two Guns and home is perfect and the coffee at the Boy and the Bear was really yummy but I think next time we need to try the pour over to get the real taste of what they are trying to achieve.

The Boy and the Bear coffee house Redondo Beach

It is so weird being back to reality but nice at the same time.  Work at my regular job has been the same ol same ol and sometimes I wonder what my mental state will be the longer I am there HAHAHAHA  I need mental stimulation and so glad I get to do studio work after work or I would go insane.  School keeps calling meeeeeee...I may need to start taking a class here or two just for the mental growth.  Woodwork and welding have been calling my name =)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Without War Paint Installation

What a whirlwind week. Flew out to help Mathew with his museum exhibit at CAM Raleigh and it turned out to be an eventful flight. It was already a hectic morning trying to schedule and get the social media takeover for TWYLA all while trying to get on a flight and be in touch with Mat while he was busy with his first day of installing the large stencils. Trying to communicate with different people on a plane and being exhausted probably didn't help.

The last hour of my flight, I started to feel like I was going to be sick and throw up so I got out to head to the bathroom and felt even worse. I was afraid I'd throw up in the aisle so I asked for a bag and next thing I knew I was on the floor with a doctor over me asking me what my name was. I didn't even know I had fainted in the galley. The poor ladies must have been freaking out. I felt so sick I had to go to the bathroom.  But once I was done I felt better but lightheaded and dizzy. No clue why or what brought it on. The nurse and doctor on board were with me my last hour of the flight and making sure I was ok. I felt fine just dizzy. I have no clue what it was. Usually if I feel an anxiety attack coming, I feel it creeping slowly but this was something new. They said that someone gave the. Wrong information to the doctors on the ground saying I had cpr so they were now forced to have paramedics meet us at the plane and take me off!  I said I was fine but they said it is too late. Omg how embarrassing. They made everyone wait until I got off the plane. The paramedics were sweet and checked to make sure I was ok and had me on my way. I left with a cut on my elbow and bruise on my head from the fall but glad to be off and not in a hospital.

Fainting on Delta Flight

Once we left the airport, we ran around town to leave a bunch of giveaways for Make Your City Wild and it was really fun to see people looking for Mat's work running around after us hahahaha.

Giveaways in Raleigh for Make Your City Wild 
Running around Raleigh North Carolina leaving giveaways Make Your City Wild

Getting to the museum in the early morning to start installing the rest of the exhibit was awesome. Everyone there is amazing and it is really nice to see how beautiful the space is and how much they loved his work.  Long, exhausting days but it's finally complete and everything turned out even more beautiful than imagined. So many stressful days and nights all lead up to this and it's such a great experience to be a part of.

Early AM at CAM ready for installation:
Uncrating the framed artwork

Mathew doing the last touchups on the large stencils
 Love is the sweetest..we work together well..=)
Mathew Curran Cassie Jo Cam Raleigh museum installation stencils

Mathew putting in the final touches on the large stencils
Last touch ups on the large stencil installation
Framed pieces getting hung and lit
laying in the 10,000 petals

laying out the petals
 10,000 petal installation titled "Come Here" is finished!!
Teamwork laying out the 10,000 petals

So very very proud of my love:
Mathew Curran Without War Paint museum exhibit CAM Raleigh

Monday, January 16, 2017

Quick Trip to Dallas and the East Coast

Flew into Dallas Texas for a quick trip for ABL. It was surprisingly pretty awesome. I didn't have much expectations of Dallas but it turned out to be one of the best trips on tour so far. The hotel driver took us on a quick tour of downtown and the architecture and tiny parks in the city were beautiful.

puffy clouds view from the airplane to dallas

We got to have a quick bite and play games with the crew before a hectic work day in the AM at Kung Fu Saloon. It was so fun. Nothing better than old school arcade games that touch our heartstrings from the 80s and 90s growing up. Mortal combat, street fighter, PAC man, centipede, etc and all free to play. I saw and played my first shuffleboard game. It was so much fun I wanted one at home but know that it wouldn't be as fun if we have it versus the occasional fun.

shuffleboard game at kung fu saloon dallas texas

Work day was at Gilley's and the venue was a really great place to work in. Everything went quickly which made it a fast in and out.  We actually had a chance to go the the Modern Museum Fort Worth to catch the last week of the Kaws was AMAZING!!!

Gilley's pre-show:
Gilley's Dallas venue before the crazy

Kaws at the Modern:
kaws gumby

kaws companion wood pieces

kaws bunny

vince at the base of kaws cookie monster

Got to try fuel city tacos for a late night snack after work and I couldn't believe how crazy busy the lines were. People standing out in the 30 degree cold for tacos. It was amazing. Beef fajita tacos for sure!!!

2am snacks after work (Photo credit: Kat)
Fuel City Tacos Dallas Texas Gas Station

3 hours of sleep and back on the plane to Raleigh for a quick day trip with love who took me out on a date for dinner. It was so sweet to have him be so thoughtful especially in all the craze over the last six months. We hadn't had a moment to spend doing anything special because of work but it was the sweetest surprise when he took me to dinner and I didn't know that was the plan lol. I cried. It's always the little things that make everything worth it.  Forever grateful.

Ember the Golden Retriever puppy

Back on a plane, 24 hours later, off to Denver. Not enough time. Wish I could have gotten out of the airport. It was lightly snowing and so beautiful. The architecture in the airport was so beautiful and it was insanely busy. It reminded me of the Tokyo crossing where everyone was coming from all directions on the move. NFL Sunday so it was a busy crazy evening with so much energy. Can't wait to go back to Denver to explore one day.

architecture inside Denver Airport
NFL sunday waiting for the airplane
Home with family and playing pillow fight was just the perfect ending to the evening. I forget how much we have to be grateful for majority of the time because I focus so much on the weight that we carry until I see those little shining moments and it smacks me in the face reminding me that we have the best as tough as it gets. ❤❤

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Getting Ready for Travels

The last 11 days has been a blur of work and work preparing for Mathew's museum exhibit in time for the flight to Dallas for ABL. It's finally finished and ready to go. A few minor hiccups but so relieved. Kathi came to visit and help us out with the boys so it's been so nice having her company and help. Nothing better than family. Super super grateful.

kathi production make your city wild

Off to Dallas and the east coast for a quick trip for Art beats and lyrics and make Your City Wild giveaways for the museum. Will post pics of the travels soon.

Finished in time for a little break with the kids at the beach
breather for the beach with kids at Redondo Beach
 I get to wake up to the sweetest love notes from my love
my love's love notes for me

Some of the giveaways for the east coast for Make Your City Wild:
spray painted stencil woodcut animals

make your city wild giveaways

Friday, January 6, 2017

10,000 Black Petals

Love had a last minute creative idea to add on 10,000 spray painted black petals on the center floor.  Means the last month has  been non stop cutting and painting the flowers.  Been working all day to get them done and we are only halfway there.  Crossing fingers that we can get them finished by next week.  The cold weather hasn't been helping it dry fast enough and it just added an extra step to the process having to let them dry longer and using the heat gun to help it go a little quicker.

Here is a little clip on what the process is like.  The whole process is easy but time consuming having to lay out each petal, paint, heat, flip over, paint, heat, dry and pick up to start all over again.  Trying to do a few hundred at a time to make each batch worth the dry time.  This clip is 1,000 of 10,000:

Monday, January 2, 2017

Optimistic Year Ahead

We ended the year accomplishing most of what we had hoped for.  Way more than we expected considering how behind everything was.  Most of what needed to get done with the looming deadlines were finished except the painting of the petals.  Today marked 2 weeks and it all the petals are finally cut.  Now on to the task of painting the last remaining half...only about 5000 petals to paint in the next 10 days..TOTALLY DOABLE!

The boys did such an awesome job painting the shipping containers...(photo: Mat)
Cassie and Kids California Shipping Crate

Some of the petals:
10,000 spray painted wisteria petals stencils

Luckily, the shipping pickup was delayed which gave us a day to celebrate Rocket's bday early and take a mini sunrise road trip out toe Wrightwood to play in the snow.  It has been almost a year since we last went to play in any sort of snow and it was so nice to spend even just a few hours outdoors with the kids..even if it meant coming back home and spending the rest of the day working.

Buddy the Bison from the National Park Trust program got to explore Wrightwood with us =)
National Park Trust Buddy Bison Program exploring Wrightwood Snow Mountains

Family snowman
Cassie Mathew kids Wrightwood family snow day

The boys had fun all winter break doing what they wanted and learning how to work at the same time..but we ended up not spending much time outdoors and that really hurts my heart.  Being outdoors and exploring and showing the kids the importance of nature is a huge deal for me..if anyone knows me that is most important.  I always want to be a good example to them and hope that seeing a parent exercising and staying healthy all the time will rub off on them as they grow older.  I haven't been able to show them that the last year with all my recurring back and feet pains..and work after work..2017 means changing some things even in the smallest of ways to getting back the good habits and instilling lessons in them =)