Tuesday, March 21, 2017

West Coast East Cost Work Trip Craze

Could this trip have been any more CRAZY!!!

First off, I don't think I've checked a bag in in almost 2 years.  Since we were traveling with the boys on this work trip, we had quite a bit of things to take with us.  We surprised them saying that were taking them to the airport to meet grandma at the gate and they were going to Aunt Susie's with her.  We got to the shuttle with 1.5 hours to spare and it took forever to arrive.  By the time we got to out terminal to the bag drop, the line was out of control with only an hour before our flight!  Our bags almost didn't get on the plane.  We got stopped at TSA for Rocket having the alan wrench in the skateboard bag and my purse having the giant bag of Cadbury eggs.  Running through the airport at LAX to make it to our gate, we were the last people on the plane!!!!!  We were so relieved we made it and the boys were so surprised when we said, "SURPRISE YOU ARE COMING TO NORTH CAROLINA WITH US!"

Preparing giveaway animals for the trip for Make Your City Wild
MAKEYOURCITYWILD animal giveaways

Rocket's first fat lip skateboarding

Ziggy trying to get over his fear skateboarding

Rocket dancing in the best terminal Detroit airport

Sleepy kids Detroit Airport

We got to Raleigh and had a moment to relax before the spring opening at CAM that evening.  It was such a fun event and the boys looked so cute all dressed up.  Leonardo Drew's exhibit was awesome!!!  He is also the sweetest artist who enjoyed talking with all the kids there.

Leonardo Drew's exhibit at CAM

Rocket and Mathew Curran's mural at CAM

Late night dinner and cocktails after the CAM opening with family

Mathew and I had to wake up at 4am to make it on the flight the next morning to get to Birmingham for ABL.  We were so exhausted and went straight to work.  I wished we had more time to see some of the museum we were set up in.  I didn't get to see the Civil Rights Institute museum either.  It was such a hectic day, I passed out behind the crates all night while the event was on until it was over for break down.

We had half the day in Birmingham to explore.  Mathew's friend gave us a tour of the Revelator Coffee Company roastery.  It was so pretty and we were envious of the warehouse space.  He showed us the abandoned Sloss Furnace factory.  We walked through some creepy path that reminded me of Netflix's Black Mirror or Stranger Things!  I was mentioning how I would probably not go there at night!

Super awesome signage at Sloss Furnaces Birmingham, Alabama
Sloss Furnace signs Alabama

One of the Revelator Coffee Shops..so beautiful
beautiful revelator coffee shop Alabama

Back to Raleigh and running around making rounds delivering things to Mathew's friends for Make Your City Wild and just hellos.  It was non-stop until we left!  But it was such a great trip and it was so nice to see his family.  We got to spend a little time with his mom and Kathi and then his dad and Rose..we even got to see his brother for a quick minute.  Probably the most I got to see of Raleigh ever!!!!   Can't wait until we can go back one day for no reason but just to visit!  Until then, I am grateful for the little chances we do get.  It does make me feel extremely homesick.  He has been able to see his friends and I haven't seen any of mine since I left Hawaii almost 4 years ago.  I do miss home and my friends.  SOMEDAY!

one day of SNOW!
beautiful snow day in Raleigh North Carolina and golden retriever puppy

Friday, March 17, 2017

New Trails at Palos Verdes

Amidst the hectic schedules we have lately, we have tried to make time to take the kids outdoors.  As much work as we have piled up, we know that it is important to take a mini break and MAKE time for an hour or two or else the boys will be cooped up at home everyday waiting for us to finish everything.

Before our crazy work trip, we took them out to Palos Verdes again to make the most of the rainy green vegetation.  It had grown so much taller and we were so excited.  We tried a different trail and saw a sweet little ground squirrel.  We don't see too many animals when we go and I wonder if it's because there is a lot of foot traffic throughout the day.  Mysteries.

I can't wait to go to new places soon.  When time permits, we definitely want to drive out to new mountains and trails.  North would be awesome.  Until then, we will enjoy the nearby happiness.

california trail exploring selfie

green vegetation overgrown at Palos Verdes California

my boys exploring the trails hiking

exploring new trails hiking california with the family

amazing colors and view at the top of PV 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Preparing for Travels and Crazy Skate Kids

Ha! The boys are obsessed with skateboarding. I'm so happy they love something so much. Everyday is filled with a passion to get better.  Which means as parents, we wake up before the sunrise even on our days off to take them before everyone gets up to have the skatepark to ourselves.  Can't wait until they are good enough to skate around other safely..then we'd have more sleep!  We struggle with the constant upset anger, whining, crying and talking back when things don't work out the way they want and hope but it is normal. Or so we'd like to believe hahaha. Mat is really great teaching them. They wouldn't be able to do this much in 6 weeks if it weren't for him teaching them!  We are lucky to have him in all aspects of our lives.

Lucky kids got to meet Rodney Mullen randomly on the beach!  He even offered to let them stand on his sakteboard! Such a down to earth human being. (photo credit: Mathew Curran)
lucky kids got to meet Rodney Mullen at the beach

sunset skateboarding practice
sunset at manhattan beach california

In the meantime, trying to finish up getting animals ready to giveaway when we go on our next trip in a week. Busy busy busy. I also got to talk with the machinist at work the other day and I wish I could learn to use the CNC machines!!!  They are so awesome and create beautiful scraps.  Between the boys, work and everything else we end the day so exhausted it's making us feel so old!

make your city wild snail woodcut stencils
makeyourcitywild kitty cat woodcut stencil

haas cnc mill machine

haas cnc machine shop

scrap metal from haas cnc machine