Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hello, Pretties!

I know I say this over and over again but I can't help it. I LOVE heels and though I rarely get to wear them or even own any because of the lack of use, I love them and love looking at them. They are so pretty! Anyway, here are a few eye candy for you and myself..I continue to drool..

Also a little peek at the lunch I made for hubby and friend yesterday..the asparagus came out AMAZING!

A friend of mine shoed me a picture of this and this must be the prettiest flat shoes ever!! I MUST HAVE NOW! but at a price tag of over $600 I can only drool:

Flats I WANT:

3 colors that I love equally!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Windy, Chilly, Sunny

It has been really really amazing the last few days. It has gotten increasingly windy everyday and cooler by the minute. It is a nice refreshing change from our normal humid, hot weather. I took Z to the park today and the mall yesterday. He has so much fun just running up and down the stairs and riding the elevators and escalators. The recession is definitely in effect as the mall was really quiet. Although January and February months are usually slow months for retail..but it was definitely empty everywhere. It made for good times for Z as he had the run of the mall all day long.

Slowly realizing, as I post my outfits, that my closet is overrun by Jbrand jeans...

jeans- jbrand, shoes- UO, shirt- In4mation, jacket- Hellz, headband- F21

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cloudy Park Days and Bentos

It has been lovely since we got home. I know it's not vacation weather for visitors but it is nice and cool for us local residents for sure! It has been cloudy and in the 70s which makes for nice park weather! We got us some pots and soil to try our hand at herbs in the house and then stopped off at the park. Z had a good time chasing all the birds around.

I made some friend bentos today again. It was the same lemon chicken with this pickled cucumer sesame thing and kinpira gobo..that is my favorite food of all time..

jeans- siwy, shirt- F21, headband- AA, shoes- UO

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Wish This Were Another Color

I am completely in love with this thing..but orange is not my color..If it were black or white or red or something else I would totally be all over this!!! I don't know why I love it so much..I don't even know if it would look good on me but I love the way it looks! ACK! Sometimes I wonder if my parents or older people wonder why we are in the future yet people like me still like to take parts of the past and rock them in the present...I always think they must be thinking "I used to wear that when I was younger...why are they still wearing them now?" hahaha but I love it!

taken from lacedwithromance on ebay

Friday, February 20, 2009

Last Day in Vegas..

Today was a beautiful day again. Maybe slightly warmer than yesterday but less sun. It was warm enough to not wear a coat. We walked to the park again and threw rocks up the slide and stopped at In-n-Out burger for the last time. Wished there was one at home. I'm going to miss the cool weather here but looking forward to getting home. I am not looking forward to the humid weather but it will be nice to see our dog again and have my morning coffee that I make every morning. I just hate going on the airplane. Z loves it and I hate it. It's really funny to think I was a flight attendant years ago..I could never do that lifestyle again.

edit: looking at this photo, I realize I def need to exercise more and lose 10 pounds..I can see the love handles at my apologies!

leggings- AA, shirt- T by Alexander Wang, headband- F21

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drinking is Bad, Beautiful Weather, and Cops..

Drinking is bad:
Last night was one of those nights..the wildin out kind of night where you get so wasted you don't even remember getting home. I feel bad because I actually threw up which I never ever do. I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have ever puked from drinking my whole life. And it HAD to be while Im staying with parents and mom picked us up and I throw up out her window!!! How embarrassing. I didn't even know I was that drunk until we left the club and it was silent then I was like WHOA...But I HAD to go out. This is probably the one time in years..My old friend I used to fly with came in to town on a layover and wanted to meet up too so that was how it got so crazy.
I'm super sad that I made holes in my tights..these are my fave..that's what having too much to drink will do to you.

Beautiful weather:
Waking up hung over was not fun. But it turned out to be a nice sunny day here and 60 degrees which made for lovely weather! We took Z to the park to play and he had so much fun. It is amazing how many nice parks there are here. At home we hardly have any cool parks to go to.

jeans- jbrand, shoes- havaianas, shirt & scarf - in4mation, jacket- hellz

So after dinner, we are all relaxing and I kept hearing knocking sounds coming from my paren't room but I didn't know how that would be since everything is fenced off and the only door on that side is in the garage. Finally I heard it again and the cats all came flying out of their room and looking in that direction so I told mom and she went to look. Turns out there was a strange guy in the yard and wanting to come in the house! He had climbed over the wall and was knocking on the back window. He had a handcuff on and kept saying someone was trying to kidnap him and he got away and he wanted to come in and please call the cops. Anyway, it took FOREVER for them to send someone and they came and said he was high on something but took him out in handcuffs and we have no idea what happened to him. They had a firetruck and ambulance and all sorts of stuff in front of our house as they talked to the neighbors..I am just a little weirded out because I watch too many crime shows so you can never tell what is happening!! least the cops came and gave Z a fabulous light show outside. I laughed and told my parents now their neighborhood looks like a crime area..HAHAH =)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wynn & Encore

Today we had to do something indoors because it was raining here and FREEZING! We decided to take Z to the new Encore hotel and walk through Wynn and then through to Fashion Show Mall. It was really fun. Z loves to just run around and look at lights and colors so the hotels were perfect for him. The colors in there were beautiful. We ended up eating at the same place we ALWAYS eat! CPK! Ordered the same foods..nothing changes I guess..My mom had some asparagus spinach spaghetti which was really yummy. It was a cold day but super fun and it is very funny to think that there is a "recession" yet it was still very very crowded everywhere.
Please excuse the was the only pair I have with me so I'm stuck wearing them everyday. I had a pair waiting for me here that I was hoping to wear but they turned out too big so I am now stuck wearing these everyday..

jeans- jbrand, shoes, minnetonka, shirt- T by Alexander Wang, jacket- H&M

grandma's asparagus & spinach spaghetti

Friday, February 13, 2009

Drastic Change of Temperature

We flew in to Vegas the other night for the trade show next week so we got here and are staying with family. We do this every year and it's usually easy but Z is handling the change a little differently this year. Maybe he's just getting older and knowing what he likes and doesn't like..he wishes he were home. But he is still managing to find things to do that he likes. Its just going to take a few more days to get used to. We walked to the park this afternoon and he had fun on the slides. He saw dandelions for the first time and was so happy to see them blow away. It is freezing cold here. For us, coming from 80 degree weather to 40 degree weather in the day and 30 at night is COLD! My hands felt like they couldn't move from being so numb. I love cold but I need to get used to it again. My mom wanted to go to in-n-out burger after the park and so we got fries and burgers..yummmm!!!!!

edit: I've had a few people ask me about my scarf..there are actually only 2 made. The one I have and the same one but in a pinkish-purple. Which I have as well. It was part of the In4mation women's line that got cut so it never got made. So if I happen to find some secret random one laying around that never knew was made, Ill let you ladies know! =) XOXO

shirt- in4mation, jacket- hellz bellz, scarf- in4mation, leggings- la made, shoes- minnetonka

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Z Loves to Eat the Same Thing Everytime

Z really loves CPK. And he's just like me, we don't try new things. I like trying new foods but if it's just us, then I always end up ordering the same food because I know it tastes good and I can't go wrong there. I like when I eat with others because then we all try different things and get to sample everything. Z is the same. He always wants the buttered fusili pasta and coloring with the crayons. I swear, whenever we are at Kahala, he runs to the restaurant and says "MUM MUM!" "NOOOKNOWS!" I am surprised I actually remembered to take pictures of the food before it was all gone!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Chanel & Balenciaga & Life Changes

I had a zillion errands to run this morning and calls to make! UGH..sudden changes in our lives have caused us to re-evaluate our lifestyle so I had to make a few calls and see if we could do something about it. I also decided to apply to a few school so that I can continue my education and DO something in the future =) It's been a long time since I've been to school....but any start is better than none..

shirt, leggings, headband - F21

Oh these are my 2 personal favorites and I have to let them go for personal reasons..hardest thing EVER!
if anyone is interested, send me an email for more pics etc etc

vintage chanel as seen on ashlee simpson:

2005 balenciaga black city:


Curry for Cool Nights

One of the easiest things to make is japanese curry. No, I didn't make the entire thing from scratch. I would like to learn but for now, I just use the little box that Glico's so yummy and super fast to make. I cut up a few pieces of steak and cooked it with onions, potatoes and carrots and then the curry. It was so yummy! Of all curries, I really lke japanese curry the best. It makes for great leftovers for tomorrow and bento boxes =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lovely Winter Weather!

The last few days have been really nice. Actually, the last week or two has been really nice. It's been 70 degrees during the day and chilly at night and I am a happy girl! I love it when it's not hot. We can actually go walking and not be all sticky and sweaty. I would love it if it was like this everyday but I guess that wouldn't be fun for the visitors from out of state who come to enjoy the warm sunny weather and beaches and come to find it chilly..can't have everything we want I guess..

Today was a relaxing day..we went to the mall and got some sweet bread from Panya and sat on the seats watching the birds. Had playdate with L & Y and then picked up H at school and went to the market and got things for dinner and came home...Z is really enjoying his new toy we got him. He won't put down his little ipod to go to sleep! The first day he got it, he stayed up until 3am!

jeans- j brand, shirt- F21, headband- AA

Sunday, February 1, 2009

BJ Penn UFC Fight Night

So last night they ordered the BJ Penn UFC fight on HD and all the usual suspects came over to eat and drink. It was great fun for Z as he got to hang with the boys and eat edamame beans I made. Everyone brought something to eat..the pizza from Antonio's was amazing and so was the meat that T made on the grill outside. There was a lot of food and WAY too much poke to be consumed but the night was super fun..too bad BJ lost..would have definintely made the night. =(