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Kids Will Always Keep You on Your Toes

We had a few scares the last few weeks.  Ziggy was at camp and they called us to tell us he chipped his tooth on a ramp and that they would send us a picture of it.  They said he was ok but if we wanted to send him to a dentist nearby they would.  We were on the way to Zion for a mini camping trip and were not sure what to do.  Hid normal dentist said he should be ok if he's not feeling any pain and sensitivity by the end of the day, he can stay but if he isn't feeling ok that we could bring him in the next day.  We spoke with Z and he said he was ok but it was sore but he was ok.  So the dentist said we can wait til end of day and decide.  We were on the way to Zion so we kept driving.  When we arrived to the campsite, it was just before 5pwhen the dentist was about to close and he called us to tell us he was in pain and wasn't sure if he should stay or go.  He didn't want to leave but he was not doing well because he couldn't eat anything all day.  So I spent the…

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